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Media Announcement

Mwamono Cultural Group & i Eco-Cultural Tourism Namibia Are inviting all Namibians with interest in Culture, Heritages and attires of our fore parents to come and witness the
Cultural Education and Traditional Items Show. Venue: Ntunda Lodge Date: 6-7 December 2019 On Day 1: 6 December 2019 There will be a Social ...

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VRIEMVASMAKERS TRADITIONAL COMMUNITY 20TH ANNUAL CULTURAL FESTIVAL 11 – 13 OCTOBER 2019 FRIDAY, 11 OCTOBER 2019 10H00-17H00 ARRIVAL OF FESTIVAL GOERS 13:00 LUNCH 17H00 Preparation of Fire for Festival Goers 18h00 DINNER 19h00-21h00 Story-Telling and Jokes around the Fire 21h00-00h00 Music and dancing with Live ...

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The information here contained is meant to introduce to you Eco-Cultural Tourism Namibia, established to showcase and promote cultural values of indigenous Namibians to the people of the world. It is spearheaded by Dr. SC Ankama of Ntunda Lodge and Alan Hendry of iMediaNamibia.com.

It’s webpage is a display board of Namibia’s cultural events ...