Membership costs and benefits

For all our registered & paid up members
2. Eco-CulturalTours will be registered
A global webpage showing the client/ tourists all details of ECTON paid up members including websites, products and all other relevant information.
• Home business, Community Group & SMEs with a maximum of 3 employees N$250.00 per year
• Companies, Government organisations and Town Councils N$2500.00 per year 
•Website (3 pages) including the following; design, hosting & registration of URL N$1200.00  & 3 months free editing alterations
• Hosting and domain registration N$650.00 per year
• Photography of your business and or products N$450.00 per hour. (Normally 1 hour is sufficient) 
• A short 1-1.5 minute Video production of your business and or products N$850.00 per hour includes editing and uploading to You Tube.(Normally 2 hours are sufficient)

Full exposure to worldwide market
Get clients direct access to you / your website
Clients can pay in advance into your business account
Clients can select a package for whichever tour, activity or service they wish, book and pay on line to
Eco-CulturalTours via credit card or electronic transfer
Cash payment to you will be done by ECTON as tourists arrive
Clients may brand your products for recurring visits 
Increased exposure to our cultural home craft manufacturers, Cuisines, SMEs, Local Companies and attendance of Trade Fairs or Cultural Events in Namibia
• Cost of travel to your site for video and photography will be quoted separately (always less expensive to quote in groups)
• Our web-designers & photographers are situated in Windhoek so they need a minimum of 4 clients to cover the costs of fuel and accommodation
• All prices exclude VAT

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